What Does Your Business Need?


I Need a Financial Plan & Structure that Works for Me


Business Mind Mapping is your First Step

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Business Mind Mapping is for you if you:

  • Crave clarity & structure for your business finances

  • Must better understand how money flows through your business's software tools

  • Have atleast 3 years of financial data for your business

  • Want strategic action steps you can implement immediately

  • Want financial insight into what got you here & how to get to your next level

I’m trying to get a clearer grasp on my numbers and financials... so I jumped on a strategy/ mindmapping call with Jennifer and it was SO GOOD! She had me fill out a questionnaire that had me thinking about lots of things, then made a mindmap of my business (specific focus on financials) to help me visualise it better (so helpful!).
Maggie Giele
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I Desire Locational, Creative and Financial Freedom


The Entrepreneur Package is for you if you live, breathe and eat your business, but...

  • You want help making better financial decisions

  • You want to learn how to measure how hard your money is working for you

  • You wish you had a capable and approachable adviser

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Jennifer is very competent, reliable and dedicated. She is very organized, addresses matters quickly and professionally. She puts a lot of effort in what she does and helps her clients build success.
Olga Novaline
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I Need to Know Exactly What Kind of Numbers I Need for Financial Freedom

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The Boutique Package is for you if your business grows consistently, but...

  • You have many ideas for your business and lots of questions.

  • You know your numbers and where you want them to go. 

  • You need a financial strategy bridging you to your goals.

  • You want your money to work even harder than you do.