Its not about intelligence.

Its about the stories we tell

ourselves about money.

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I'm here for you

Everyone has money stories that continually evolve and influence their relationships and decisions with friends, family, work, and society. You deserve a guide to help understand your money stories and what it means for you. I believe in being approachable & someone you can trust to listen and support you. 

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Let's look at the big picture

Your life is so much more than just how much you earn and what you spend. Yet sometimes life makes it hard to see through that. My aim is to help you build a financial plan driven by your emotion and values so that you can reach your goals.

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Always have the perfect fit

One size does not fit all. My services are tailored to your needs and flexible. With each new chapter in your story, we can  review and update my role according to your needs.

Jennifer is very competent, reliable and dedicated. She is very organized, addresses matters quickly and professionally. She puts a lot of effort in what she does and helps her clients build success.
Olga Novaline
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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk

For me, financial planning begins with your first money memory because what keeps you from your financial goals isn’t a spreadsheet or a budget but your emotions, values, and memories of money.

This is true for all women, including me.

I’m a Certified Management Accountant and Certified Financial Manager. I worked for 15+ years in corporate environments. And now I am the CEO of my own company because I want to build my life around my goals and dreams.

Want to get to know me?