When I see the numbers that form the stories of people’s lives, there’s one thing that hits me -

Everyone has a story they are telling themselves around money.

This story has a powerful energy that creates momentum either towards or away from financial success.

For centuries, women have been told stories that financial knowledge and money

must be provided to them by a male figure, or that it is, essentially, out of their grasp -

Either cognitively or practically.

It’s time to write new stories.

Leaving a successful career in corporate was a bold move for me.

It allowed me to step onto what I believe is my true path.

Working independently gives me the opportunity to play my part

in shifting the financial power dynamic in the lives of women —

For myself, my daughters, and other women.

I have spoken at various events focusing on empowering women, and hope to speak at many more.

Looking for speakers? Skip straight down to my speaking events.

Workshops for Women


Map Your Ideal Year into a Financial Plan


Visualize Your Ideal Year  

Map it into an understandable and attainable financial plan.

Join other women and get your money questions answered.

Build a budget you can understand and attain.

It’s about building a path for your ideal life.



What is in it for you?


- Unlock you vision of an ideal year through a guided visualization.

- Translate your visual picture into words and then numbers.

- Help determining just how much your goals cost.

- Structure those goals into a understandable annual budget.

 - Access to an accountant and tax consultant.

- Learn from the experience and questions of other female entrepreneurs.

- Ownership of your financial information and what to do next


Ask yourself -


Have you ever translated your big dreams into a plan?

Workshop Details


Speaking Events

Here are some events I have been invited to in the past.

If you are interested in hiring me as a speaker for your event,

let me know the details through my contact form.




Spark Women’s Conference 2018


The Flow of Your Money:

The Next Steps in Figuring out your Company's Numbers

I had the great honor of speaking to an inspiring female audience at the Spark Women’s Conference in 2018.

Spark in their own words: “Starting as an annual conference in 2015, Spark has become more than a conference, it is a movement. Spark unites female entrepreneurs throughout Amsterdam and across Europe to help them shape a new collaborative economy.”

I covered key concepts and analysis techniques to help attendees understand the ins and outs of what their money is doing and how they can make their business more profitable.

Read more about the event here. 


Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 12.07.22.png

Feedback from the audience:

“Finance and accounting is dry and boring for me but your personality made it more lively and interesting. I liked how we were made to connect with each other and that was valuable.”

“It was nice how she describe “numbers” as if it was a picture. For someone like me who is not so good keeping up tabs,  its good to know what one can do to get a better picture of the flow of money.“




Women’s Business Initiative International

Get Your Bookkeeping Questions Answered




As part of the WBII, I gave a presentation and Q&A to female entrepreneurs, helping them through the maze of the Dutch legal and taxation system.

In their own words: “Based in The Hague, the WBII is an international association of women entrepreneurs striving to succeed. The main purpose of the association is to empower women entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals through: Learning and Development, Peer Support, Events and activities”

Read more about the event here. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 12.01.09.png

"Jennifer gave a presentation on " Getting your bookkeeping questions answered" at the monthly networking event of the WBII, the Association of international women entrepreneurs in The Hague. It was fantastic! She charmingly combined facts and professionalism with openness and humor, making a rather dry subject accessible and answering our many questions with clarity. It is obvious she " knows her stuff" and is a clear and eloquent presenter. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us.”

- Julie Kennedy, Communication Consultant at KPC&C