Did you start your business to have more freedom -

creatively, locationally and financially?


You live, breathe and eat your business and you love it, but how do you know if you make the best financial decisions?


How do you measure this stuff?

And what do all of the statements and reports even mean?

Do you wish you had a friendly and capable person you could talk to about all of this?

That is my goal with the Entrepreneur Package.


What to Expect

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  • It’s your business. I am here to help.
  • I listen first, ask questions, and then make suggestions.
  • I am interested in the entire story of your business, not just the numbers.
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Perceptive Questions

  • This is a two way street and long term relationship.
  • I am a naturally curious person.
  • I ask questions so I can give you the best answer for your business.
  • There is no one size fits all.
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  • Increase connectivity between your business tools.
  • Increase transparency of your financial information.
  • Financial information in a format you understand.
  • No stupid questions.
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  • Brief instructional videos personalized to your business.
  • Opportunity to learn financial terms relevant to your business.
  • Explanation of Belastingdienst letters & reporting in English.
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  • You receive recordings of our Zoom calls.
  • Clear summary of each calls via email.
  • Summary includes: timelines, deadlines, what to expect next, and clear action stops for both you and I.
  • I provide clear checklists so we are both clear on what materials are needed and when
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  • I respond to emails in 48 hours or less
  • If you have a more detailed questions, I prepare brief Zoom video responses
  • All meetings are arranged & scheduled by me
  • You will automatically receive friendly reminder emails
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Add Ons

  • Annual Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Quarterly BTW Preparation
  • Co-working Strategy Day
Jennifer is very competent, reliable and dedicated. She is very organized, addresses matters quickly and professionally. She puts a lot of effort in what she does and helps her clients build success.
Olga Novaline
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The Entrepreneur package is completely tailored to your business, preferences, and goals.

Based upon your Business Mind Mapping, I suggest the best elements to help you reach your business goals. This packages includes:

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Four Hours per month of my services

What could this time look like? 

  • Optimize how your systems integrate to make the flow of your money as efficient as possible

  • Follow-up with the Belastingdienst on your behalf

Management Review & Accountability

One Hour Zoom Video Calls

  • On a Monthly or Quarterly Basis

  • Explain your reporting & cash flow

  • Ask any burning questions


Provide training videos to your support staff on topics like:

  • Quarterly BTW preparation

  • Using your accounting tool

  • Automating & streamlining financial reporting

  • Reconciling your bank statements to receipts & invoices

  • Explaining the annual tax return process

  • Which expenses are quarterly and annual tax deductions?


€ 880,- per month

minimum contract of 3 months, excluding VAT

Ready to get started?

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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk!

For me, financial data are puzzle pieces that fit together and tell the story of a business. I excel at translating that financial data in a story a business owner can both understand and leverage to meet their goals. Find out more about me.


Ready to get started?