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When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself...

- Do I have the clarity & structure for my business finances?

- Is my money flowing through my business tools in the most effective way?

- Am I making enough money to make my dreams to come true?

- What got me here and where do I want to go?



Business Mind Mapping

An in-depth assessment of your business processes and numbers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an accountant and experienced advisor to take a snapshot of your business - past, present, and future - and give you actionable steps on what to do next.

Imagine the clarity.

And comfort.

And certainty.

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What you get

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An extensive Self-Assessment to take a snapshot of your business - past, present and future - and get your goals out of your head and onto paper.

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An in-depth, personal Strategy Session (60 minutes) to professionally assess your current business processes, numbers, and goals.

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Prior to our meeting, I review your assessment; analyse 3 years’ data (minimum); research your current business tools; review your product offerings; and create a detailed mind mapping of your business.

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The Business Mind Map is yours to keep -  a visual reminder for yourself of the big picture to bring focus as you work and help in problem solving

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Specific, tangible Action Steps to take to get towards your goals.


Investment: € 800


Kind words

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By Business and Marketing Strategist Maggie Giele

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What's next?

Step 1: Click button to pay and schedule your session

Step 2: Receive a Self-Assessment to complete before our session

Step 3: Have your Business Mind Mapping Strategy Session

Step 4: You'll receive a pdf of the mind map and an action plan via email.

Investment: € 800

A good financial plan is a roadmap that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.
— Alexa Von Tobel
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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk!

For me, financial data are puzzle pieces that fit together and tell the story of a business. I excel at translating that financial data in a story a business owner can both understand and leverage to meet their goals. Find out more about me.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Business Mind Mapping cost?

    • 800 euros (inclusive 21% BTW)

  • Why is a Business Mind Mapping our first step in working together?

    • I believe an accountant should understand the wider information about a business and its owner(s). A business is far more than only numbers. Its people, dreams, systems, and so much more. I am also in this for the long haul. I want to help owners grow profitable businesses that meet their dreams. To do that, its important we clicked in approach and personality. A Business Mind Mapping is a way for both of sides to decided if we want to work together.

  • How do I book a Business Mind Mapping Session?

    • You can schedule and pay for your session by clicking here.

  • What kind of information will you give me in the Strategy Session?

    • I believe in giving a business owner enough information and action steps so they can take immediate next steps. I balance this with information overload. Because if you are overwhelmed with information and action steps, it can be paralyzing. Examples of action steps are links to websites & tutorial videos on suggested accounting; questions to answer about the payment or scheduling tools you want to use based on the other software tools you currently use in your business; or deciding which three countries to focus on for online sales.

  • What is the Self-Assessment?

    • The self-assessment is a list of questions in Typeform that help me create a mind map of your business. Based on my experience, they provide a good ground work and help us dive right into strategy during our meeting. The answers are saved confidentially and not shared.

  • What is a Mind Map?

    • A Mind Map is a diagram (created using MindMeister) in which information is represented visually, usually with a central idea placed in the middle and associated ideas arranged around it. I am a visual learner and I find this method best when collecting data on a wide variety of topics within a business. It quite literally helps me identify the missing pieces in a business’s processes. For non-accountants, it is oftentimes less intimidating and easier to understand than a Word document or spreadsheet.

  • How do you collect my data for the Business Mind Mapping?

    • By email, you will receive a link to a personalized Dropbox folder to upload your data to. This information remains confidential is not shared with anyone.

  • Do you have any other questions?