You Know How to Make Money


Are you as confident with your financial systems and strategy?



Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • People told you to go and get what you want and be who you want to be, but they never really explained how to pay for it all.


  • You've taken online marketing and business coaching courses. Now you need integrated financial systems and structure coupled with an accessible & responsive adviser.


  • You have big dreams and a lot of questions about how to get your money to work as hard as you do.


  • You crave a safe environment to get real about your ambitions and your questions. 


  • You see beauty all around you - in buying a gorgeous silk scarf for yourself; looking forward to that luxury vacation; taking a day off with your favorite people just because the weather is nice; or taking three months off to chase an inspiration that keeps whispering in your ear.


Not everything that can be counted counts
and not everything that counts can be counted.
— William Bruce Cameron
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What to Expect

The boutique package is tailored to your business, preferences, and goals. Based upon your Business Mind Mapping, I suggest the best elements to help you reach your business goals.

This package includes eight hours per month of my services.


How can I help you?

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  • Someone to coordinate all of these people from a financial data perspective.

  • Someone to check that all of their information ties together.

  • Prepare a financial dashboard - on a monthly and quarterly basis.

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  • Optimize how your systems integrate to make the flow of your money as efficient as possible

  • Systems - How do my various tools work together and how can I improve this?

  • Follow-up with the Belastingdienst on your behalf

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  • Profitability analysis of various income streams & projects

  • Business Plans & Budgeting

  • Prioritizing - What is urgent and what can wait from a financial perspective?

  • Research - What would various business decisions cost? market comparisons.

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  • No stupid questions

  • Email support - Response in 24 hours or less

  • Referrals to other experts


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Review & Accountability

  • One Hour Zoom Video Calls

  • Explain your reporting & cash flow

  • Explain the tax return process

  • Ask any burning questions

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Instructional Videos

  • Quarterly BTW preparation

  • Using your accounting tool

  • Automating & streamlining financial reporting

  • Reconciling your bank statements to receipts & invoices

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Ready to get started?


€ 1760,- per month

minimum contract of 6 months, excluding VAT

Jennifer provides a personal touch to her business by really getting to know her clients and taking genuine interest in their professions. She brings relief to me around tax deadlines with her organised schedules and deadlines so that I can relax and focus on my business. She does all she can to make the process of taxes as easy and stress free as possible.
Alison Primavera, Personal Training in Amsterdam
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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk!

For me, financial data are puzzle pieces that fit together and tell the story of a business. I excel at translating that financial data in a story a business owner can both understand and leverage to meet their goals. Find out more about me.


Ready to get started?