A Plan for Your Ideal Life

For women that want to translate their vision of an ideal life into a clear, personal budget. Are you ready to map your dreams into a financial plan? 




What is in it for you?


Walk away with a specific and tangible financial plan.

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Take the driver’s seat of your financial information and what to do next.

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Time to complete the exercises and get immediate feedback from an accountant.

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Translate the story of your Ideal Life into a plan.

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Learn from the experience and questions of other women.

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Meet new people and network with like minded women.


Ask yourself... 

Have you translated your big dreams into a sound structure that grounds your financials into a plan?

This program will help you do exactly that!

The workshop was an eye opener on how to set goals and to budget them.
— Workshop Participant
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Wednesday 6 March

10.00 - 13.00

Humanity House

Fluwelen Burwal 50

Den Haag




  • Visualization

  • Writing Exercise

  • Small Group Break Out Sessions

  • Q&A

  • Coffee Break

  • Translate Words into Budget

  • Play with Numbers

  • Q&A

  • Next Steps


How do we make your dreams come true?

No, I am not talking about fairy tales here.

This is where we start to ground your dreams into language. 

  • Images

  • Story

  • Key Words

How do you plant the seeds to financial success?

You are your own Princess Charming.

In this session, we begin to ground your goals in numbers.  I don't expect you to have all of the answers.

Get ready to turn your story into attainable goals. 

  • Spending & Values

  • Prioritizing Emotions

  • Timelining Your Dreams


How do I translate my goals into numbers?

What you can measure, you can improve.

In this session, you start to structure your numbers into a financial plan. You get to see where you need more information or reflection. 

This is where we start to ground your numbers into a plan. 

  • Numbers Structured into a Budget

  • Local Costs of Living & Salaries Provided

  • Feedback from Accountant & Group

Next Steps

What do you do next?

  • Accountability

  • CEO Day

  • Digital Vision Board

I realized something that I wanted,
but didn’t know it is my # 1 priority.
Thank you!
— Workshop Participant
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What is your investment?

Price:  EUR 125 (incl BTW)