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It is not about intelligence.

It is about the stories we tell ourselves about money


- Does your job feel like a golden cage?

- Do you feel guilt when you purchase something that is not on sale?

- Do you have a budgeting app, but just don’t look at it?

- Have you gotten to the root of your negative feelings about money?



Money Stories Mindmapping

An in-depth consultation about your first money stories and how they shape your daily decisions.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an accountant and experienced advisor to talk to about the messages you’ve been carrying around about making and spending money? Let’s get to the core and root cause of the reasons you have not fully stepped into your financial goals. And then give you actionable steps on what to do next.

Imagine the clarity.

And comfort.

And certainty.

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What you get

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We review your Self-Assessment Writing Exercise to take a snapshot of your money stories - past, present and future - and get your goals out of your head and onto paper.

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An in-depth, 1:1 Strategy Session (90 minutes) to professionally assess how your first money stories are showing up in your current spending and earning decisions.

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During our meeting, I create a detailed mind mapping of your money stories and our conversation.

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The Money Stories Mindmap is yours to keep -  a visual reminder for yourself of the big picture to assist you as you bring more awareness into your current and future financial decisions.

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Specific, tangible Action Steps to take to get towards your goals and create more financial well being in your daily life.



Regular Price: € 525

7days2go Price: € 375


What People Are Saying

I liked it! Realized something that I
wanted, but didn’t know it was #1
priority. So thanks!
— Workshop Participant
The meditation was amazing!
— Workshop Participant
Inspiring and provided new insight into my values.
— Workshop participant

What's next?

Step 1: Click button to pay and schedule your session

Step 2: Have your Money Stories Mindmapping 1:1 Consult.

Step 4: You'll receive a pdf of the mindmap and an action plan via email.

Special Offer: € 375

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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk!

For me, our foundational memories about money and financial data are puzzle pieces that fit together and tell the story of our financial well being. I excel at hearing the stories running as an undercurrent in your daily financial decisions. I help clients leverage their stories and dreams into financial plans to meet their goals. Find out more about me.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Money Stories Mindmapping cost?

    • Exclusive offer for 7days2go referrals: 375 euros (inclusive 21% BTW)

  • Why is a Money Stories Mindmapping a good first step in working together?

    • I believe a financial advisor should understand the wider information about a person’s financial situation. This includes their foundational money stories because they are the root cause to why people cannot reach their financial goals. A person’s financial goals are far more than only numbers. Its people’s past, dreams, loved ones, and so much more. The 1:1 consult also gives a client an opportunity to ask questions in a confidential environment.

  • How do I book a Money Stories Mindmapping Session?

    • You can schedule and pay for your session by clicking here.

  • What kind of information will you give me in the Strategy Session?

    • I believe in giving a person enough information and action steps so they can take immediate next steps. I balance this with information overload. Because if you are overwhelmed with information and action steps, it can be paralyzing. Examples of action steps are links to websites & tutorial videos; questions to answer about the timing of specific financial goals; or deciding which one goal to start with.

  • What is a Mind Map?

    • A Mind Map is a diagram (created using MindMeister) in which information is represented visually, usually with a central idea placed in the middle and associated ideas arranged around it. I am a visual learner and I find this method best when collecting data on a wide variety of topics within a person’s life. It quite literally helps me identify the missing pieces in a person’s money stories. For creatives and visual learners, it is oftentimes less intimidating and easier to understand than a Word document or spreadsheet.

  • How do you collect my data for the Money Stories Mindmapping?

    • I create the mind map during our meeting. This information remains confidential is not shared with anyone.

  • Do you have any other questions?

    • Please email me at info@vandijkaccounting.com.

A good financial plan is a roadmap that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.
— Alexa Von Tobel
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