Personal Strategy & Financial Systems

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I'm here for you

I believe an accountant should be approachable & someone you can trust to listen and support you along the way. So I’m here for you when you start out, as you grow, and in case you stumble.

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Let's look at the big picture

Your business is so much more than just cost and profit. My aim is to enable you with a strategy to reach your goals by understanding exactly how much money you’re making and by optimising your finances to give you more time for creation.

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Always have the perfect fit

One size does not fit all. My services are tailored to your needs and flexible. With each new chapter in the story of your business, we can  review and update my role according to your needs.

Jennifer brings relief to me around tax deadlines with her organised schedules and deadlines so that I can relax and focus on my business. She does all she can to make the process of taxes as easy and stress free as possible. She provides a personal touch to her business by really getting to know her clients and taking genuine interest in their professions.
Alison Primavera, Personal Training in Amsterdam
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Let's Get Started - Business Mind Mapping

Through a series of questions, I map out your business in visual form, then we have a face-to-face session virtually when you can get immediate feedback on what I see.

You come away with actionable items, a clear vision of your business in PDF form, and suggestions on where I can help. If we choose to work together, we also discuss a tailored package and I provide you with a quote.

Ready for our first date?


Let's Keep Going - Financial Strategy Packages

All packages are tailored to your business and your needs.


Entrepreneur Package

You started your business for more freedom, creatively, financially, and locationally. Do you know how to make the best financial decisions to help you get there?

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The Entrepreneur Package includes:

  • Three hours of my services per month

  • Management Review and Accountability

  • Training


Boutique Package

You're ready to scale up. Are you systems as integrated as possible so you have not only your money but also your financial information at your finger tips?                            

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The Boutique Package includes:

  • Eight hours of my services per month

  • Management Review and Accountability

  • Strategy and Optimization

Jennifer is very competent, reliable and dedicated. She is very organized, addresses matters quickly and professionally. She puts a lot of effort in what she does and helps her clients build success.
Olga Novaline
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Nice to meet you, I'm Jennifer van Dijk

I'm a Certified Management Accountant and Certified Financial Manager. I am also registered with the Dutch tax authorities. For me, financial data are puzzle pieces that fit together and tell the story of a business. I excel at translating that financial data into a story & strategy a business owner can both understand and leverage to meet their goals. I find beauty and elegance in agile and integration in system - in business just as in nature.

I'm a registered accountant with Quickbooks Online, Xero, Visma and Wave Apps and am always open to working with new tools.

Want to get to know me?